...saving those without voices


Knapptime Adoption Rescue and Education (KARE) and this website, are in transition.

For twenty years we have worked in Parrot Rescue.KARE believes that parrots in captivity

deserve to have the best quality of life that humans can provide them.


We help parrots in need, birds whose owners have died, birds who are abused, neglected, unwanted and afraid, We provide them a safe refuge, medical care, socialization, and freedom to vocalize.


Because they are beautiful, because they don't belong in cages. they are not pets, they are wild animals. These intelligent, ancient birds, created for and destined for the jungles and skies are trying to make sense of those bars...


And more frighteningly, as adoption programs and sanctuaries become full of the birds we have forgotten, now, today more and more parrots are joining their furry brother on that irreversible and unending death row..